Carpocalypse Links

You can visit with DJ BenJammin "The  Bus Driver" at:         

You can Contact Demo Dave "The Family Guy" at his Email:           DEMO DAVE

You can email DJ BenJammin directly at:                                   DJ BenJammins Racing

You can email DJ Misty "The  Bikini Racing" directly at:                    MISTY      MIST

You can Visit Orlando Speed World FL :       

You can visit Desoto Speedway FL:              

You can visit Holland  Speedway NY :                     Holland Speedway

You can Visit New Smyrna Speedway FL :             New Smyrna Speedway

You can Visit Bronson Speedway FL :                     Bronson Speedway

Visit one of my favorite demolition Derby chat sites for local info:

dodge truck community

Visit Heather at Suggs Motor sports for some of the best deals on custom vinyl cut graphics, and your Mini Cup Racing headquarters.  A Proud new Partner with BenJammin Motor sports.